Phuket Private Boat Charters

Enjoy A Private Diving Or Snorkeling Trip!

Visit the sites that you want to see and dive, snorkel, swim and/or beach visit in your own time.  Our Phuket private boat charters give you the opportunity to:

– Explore the amazing diving and snorkeling sites of Phuket, Phi Phi Islands and Similan Islands.

– Witness an abundance of marine life in warm, clear waters.

– Go ashore to sightsee, dine, sunbathe, jungle walk or just simply relax.

Phuket private boat charters are typically 8 hours. Just let us know your requirements and we can tailor-make a special day for you and your family or friends.

Andaman Speedboat

Diamond Luxury Speedboat

Private Charter - Andaman SpeedboatUp to 10 guests. Max 4 divers. Snorkeling trips from 12,500 THB per day. Diving trips from 14,900 THB per day. More>> Diamond - Luxury Speedboat CharterUp to 16 guests. Max 12 divers. Snorkeling trips from 25,900 THB per day. Diving trips from 34,900 THB per day. More>>

Tulpar Catamaran

Silver Arrow Catamaran

Private Catamran Charter - TulparUp to 20 guests. Max 4 divers. Snorkeling trips from 48,000 THB per day. Diving trips from 57,000 THB per day. More>> Silver Arrow Catamaran CharterUp to 20 guests. Max 8 divers. Snorkeling trips from 50,900 THB per day. Diving trips from 52,900 THB per day. More>>

Kepsub Dive Boat

Gambit Speedboat

Private Dive Boat CharterUp to 40 divers. 3 dive trips from 65,000 THB per day. Includes hotel transfers. More>> Gambit Speedboat CharterUp to 20 guests. Max 4 divers. Snorkeling trips from 15,900 THB per day. Diving trips from 25,900 THB per day. More>>

Sunseeker S50

Choc Dee Flybridge Cruiser

Private Diving Charter - Sunseeker S50Up to 15 guests. Max 6 divers. Snorkelling trips from 90,000 THB per day. Diving trips from 101,000 THB per day. More>> Private Charter - Choc Dee Motor YachtUp to 13 guests. Max 6 divers. Snorkeling trips from 40,000 THB per day. Diving trips from 51,000 THB per day. More>>